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Dump Trailers Single Axle Dump Trailer

Single Axle Dump Trailer Single Axle Dump Trailer Single Axle Dump Trailer Single Axle Dump Trailer 68" Wide 68" Wide

Single Axle Dump Trailer


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Trailer Models

Part Description Weight
DS4808051  48" x 08' Single Axle Dump1648
DS6008051  60" x 08' Single Axle Dump1823
DS6010051  60" x 10' Single Axle Dump2014
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Tarp:E-Z Lock Mesh Tarp System with Cover
Side Rails:10 Ga. 18" High Sides
Gate3-Way Spreader Gate
GAWR:5,200 Lb (ea axle)
Bed Crossmembers:3" Channel (3.5 lbs/ft)
Jack:Dropleg 7,000 Lb
Tires:225/75 D15 LRD
Flooring:10 Ga. Smooth Plate
Tongue & Neck:4" Channel (4.5 lbs/ft)
Crossmembers:4" Channel (4.5 lbs/ft)
Fenders:Weld On Diamond Plate
Product Line:Dump Trailers
Finishing Coat:Sherwin-Williams Powdura Polyester TGIC Gloss Powder Coating
D-Rings:3" Standard D-Rings
Hydrulic Power Units:Single Acting Power Unit
GVWR:5,200 lb
Product Series:DS05
Couplers:2" A-Frame 7,000 Lb
Axles:1-5,200 Lb Cambered Dexter Spring 1 Elec. Brake
Bed Frame:2" x 4" Tubing
Safety Chains:5,200 Lb 1/4 x 27 G#30
Wheels:15" 6-Hole White Spoke
Tool Box:Front Tongue Mount
Suspension:Multi-Leaf Spring
Frame:4" Channel (4.5 lbs/ft)
Lights:D.O.T. Approved Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance LED
Wire Harness:16 Ga. 5-Way Double Insulated Harness w/7-way plug
Finish (prep):Mechanical and/or Chemical Pretreatment for Maximum Paint Adhesion
Hydrulic Cylinder:3" x 24" x 1.5"
Code Axle
ES11 - 5,200 Lb Dexter Spring Axle (1 Elec Brake)
HS11 - 5,200 Lb Dexter Spring Axle (1 Hyd Drum Brake)
ESA1 - 5,200 Lb Dexter Axle (1 Elec Brake)Forward Adjusting
IS01 - 5,200 Lb Dexter Spring Idler Axle

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Tire Upgrades
A04ST225/75 R15 LRD 8 Ply. (standard)  
A03 ST225/75 D15 LRD 8 Ply.  
C01Coupler 2" A-Frame Cast (standard)  
C03 Coupler 2" Hyd.  
C04 Coupler 2" Adjustable 4 Hole  
C07 Coupler 2-5/16" Adjustable 4 Hole  
C11 Pintle Ring 3" Adjustable 6 Hole  
Dump Sides
S0018" Dump Sides (standard)
S01 24" Dump Sides
Dump Gates
G5318" 3 Way Gate (standard)
G51 5' Spreader Gate  
H01 3 Way Spreader Gate w/Doors & Side Mount Ramps 58" (dump)  
G50 24" 3 Way Gate  
G50H01 24" 3 Way Gate w/Side Mount Ramps 58" (dump)
L03Lighting LED  
L01 Lighting Regular  
M034 - D-Rings 3" Weld On (standard)  
M07 6 - D-Rings 3" Weld On  
M08 8 - D-Rings 3" Weld On
M52 4 - D-Rings 4" Weld On
M53 6 - D-Rings 4" Weld On
M54 8 - D-Rings 4" Weld On
M04 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (4 each )  
M05 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (6 each )  
M06 D-Rings 4" Recessed 360 Rotational Bolt On (8 each )  
Mud Flaps
MF1Mud Flaps  
V00Cylinder Package (standard)  
V07 Cylinder Package w/Double Acting Pump
X01Exp. Metal Extensions 24"  
X02 Solid Metal Extensions 24"  
Solar Panel Charger
SC1Solar Panel Charger  
Wireless Remote Control
RC1Wireless Remote Double Acting Dump Control  
Wire Harness
WC1Standard Wiring Harness (standard)
WC2 Cold Weather Wiring Harness  
Rear Support Jacks
RS2Rear Support Stands (Tube)  
Spare Tires
STGSpare Tire ST225/75 R15 LRD 8 Ply. 6-Hole White Spoke  
STF Spare Tire ST225/75 D15 LRD 8 Ply. 6-Hole White Spoke  
Spare Tire Mount (universal)
TM1Spare Tire Mount  
Road Service Program
RSPRoad Service Program 903-783-3933 for Info. (standard)
Code Sample Colour
CB2  Black  
CG3  Gray  
CW4  White  
CR5  Red  
CB6  Blue  
CG7  Green  
CY8  Yellow  
CO9  Orange  
CA1  Army Green  
CT2  Coyote Tan  
CA1  Army Green  
CNG  Safety Green  
CP0  Pink