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ATV Trailers Single Axle Tilt Scissor Hauler

Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer Tandem Axle ATV Trailer

Single Axle Tilt Scissor Hauler


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Trailer Models

Part Description Weight
SH6010071    60" X 10' Single Axle Scissor Hauler   1348
SH7710071    77" X 10' Single Axle Scissor Hauler  
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GVWR: 7,000 lb
Product Series: SH07
Couplers: 2-5/16" Adjustable
GAWR: 7,000 Lb (ea axle)
Jack: 5,000 Lb Top Wind Swivel Jack
Safety Chains: 7,600 Lb 5/16 x 29 G#30
Tires: 235/80 R16 LRE
Wheels: 16" 8-Hole White Spoke
Axles: 1-7,000 Lb Torsion 1 Elec Brake
Flooring: 1/8" Diamond Plate
Suspension: Torsion Axle
Crossmembers 3" Channel (3.5 lbs/ft)
Frame: 3" x 5" Angle Iron
Tongue & Neck: 4" Channel (4.5 lbs/ft)
Lights: D.O.T. Approved Stop, Tail, Turn and Clearance LED
Fenders: Weld On Diamond Plate
Product Line Tilt Decks
Wire Harness: 16 Ga. 5-Way Double-Insulated w/4-way plug
D-Rings: 3" Standard D-Rings
Code Axle
ETA  1-7000 Lb Dexter Tor Axles(UP)(1Elec Brake)Forward Adjusting
HT1  1 - 7,000 Lb Dexter Torsion Axles (UP)(1 Hyd Brakes)

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Tire Upgrades
A05ST235/80 R16 LRE 10 Ply. (standard)  
A06 ST235/85 R16 LRG 14 Ply.  
C10Coupler 2-5/16" Adjustable 6 Hole (standard)  
C08 Coupler 2-5/16" Adjustable Hyd.  
E03Steel Floor DP (standard)  
E05 Rough Oak Floor  
E02 Treated Wood Floor  
J01Jack Swivel 5000 lb. (standard)  
J02 Jack Drop Leg 7000 lb.  
M034 - D-Rings 3" Weld On (standard)  
M07 6 - D-Rings 3" Weld On  
M08 8 - D-Rings 3" Weld On
M52 4 - D-Rings 4" Weld On
V05Cushion Gravity Down  
L03Lighting LED  
L01 Lighting Regular  
Wire Harness
WC1Standard Wiring Harness (standard)
WC2 Cold Weather Wiring Harness  
Spare Tires
STISpare Tire ST235/80 R16 LRE 10 Ply. 8 Hole White Spoke  
Spare Tire Mount
TM1Spare Tire Mount  
Zinc Primer
ZP1 Zinc Primer
Road Service Program
RSPRoad Service Program 903-783-3933 for Info. (standard)
Code Sample Colour
CB2  Black  
CG3  Gray  
CW4  White  
CR5  Red  
CB6  Blue  
CG7  Green  
CY8  Yellow  
CO9  Orange  
CA1  Army Green  
CT2  Coyote Tan  
CA1  Army Green  
CNG  Safety Green  
CP0  Pink