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Warranty Comparisons - be aware of the fine print!

Dec 19th, 2016


Spec for Spec we won't be beat! Over 35 years in the heavy equipment business has given us the knowledge, experience and expertise that the competition simply lacks. Let us show you how our product is superior in every sense, right down to the warranty! Load Trail and 4C's Trailers Direct combine for the best product, service and warranty in the business. Others may falsely claim to have the best, we ARE the best, and can prove it.

Protect your investment and know with complete peace of mind that your Load Trail trailer is in it for the long haul and will work as hard as you do!

Here are some comparisons between Load Trail's Warranty on Trailers and the guys down the road:

Load Trail Warranty – 2-3-2 program, (fully transferrable)
Load Trail 2 years Comprehensive Coverage – trailer is covered front to back, including the paint for a period of 2 years. This includes lights, wiring, jacks, batteries, hydraulics and their components, etc. With 4C's Trailers Direct this is fully transferrable
The guy down the road and their manufacturer claim to provide a 3 year limited warranty, the keyword here is "limited". As per their own website: Big T warrants that each trailer operated by the original purchaser (ie, not transferrable) under normal use in the continental US or Canada will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year following the original purchase, subject to the requirements, exclusions and limitations stated below which will be STRCITLY applied. If you keep reading the fine print you will see they warrant the paint finish to be consistent with industry standards for 90 days from the date of original retail purchase, with the exceptions of "normal use" limitations. Lumber is warranted for 90 days. Tires, axles, brake components, spring and suspension components, couplers, jacks and batteries purchased and installed by Big T are warranted by their respective manufacturers and are excluded from the Big T Warranty. Any trailer utilized as a rental unit or as parts of a rental combination is warranted for 90 days. So, you have to go to numerous other suppliers of parts if they fail.

Load Trail 3 years Structural Warranty on the entire trailer - trailer is guaranteed to be structurally free of manufacturing defects for 3 years. Again, with 4C's Trailers Direct this is fully transferrable.
The guy down the road and their manufacturer advertise a 3 year limited warranty, but look closer and you will read: Subject to the requirements, exclusions, and limitations stated below, the structure of the trailer is warranted to the original purchaser (again, not transferrable) against defects in materials and workmanship by Big T arising from normal use for 3 years from the date of purchase. The structure is that portion of the trailer which includes the main frame, consisting of the bottom rails, crossmembers, and the sub frame, excluding the floorboard and running gear.
Load Trail 2 years Roadside Assistance – This protection will give you the peace of mind to hit the road anytime with a 24/7 roadside assistance hotline that will cover your trailer AND your tow vehicle anywhere in the United Sates & Canada for personal OR business use. Not only will they tow your trailer and truck to the nearest repair facility in case of a breakdown, they will also cover you with roadside assistance such as flat tire changes, keys locked in trucks, fuel brought out to you, etc. And again, with 4C's Trailers Direct, this is fully transferrable.
The guy down the road and their manufacturer clearly state: TRANSPORTATION COSTS EXCLUDED: transportation of any trailer to and/or from your dealer or any approved repair facility shall be the responsibility of the trailer owner.
5 Years/10 Years Warranty on all Dexter Axles – All Load Trail Trailers at 4C's Trailers Direct now come with 5 year warranty on all sprung axles and 10 years warranty on all torsion axles. Your trailer is built for the long haul!

As per Load Trail's policy on warranty claims, all you need to do to start a claim is call us! Get the trailer into us as soon as is convenient. The roadside assistance program will cover your costs, we will take care of the trailer and get you back to work as soon as possible!
The guy down the road and their manufacturer state: Within 5 days after discovering a problem with your trailer, return your trailer for inspection to the dealer where you bought the trailer. That's right, you only have 5 days to get the trailer back to where you bought it or it won't be covered under warranty.
Any defective part(s) must be sent by prepaid freight to BIG T in order to qualify the claimant for replacement under this limited warranty. All defective parts must be returned within 30 days from date of Big T Approval to qualify for replacement.
Now let's talk financing, leasing and other options to pay for your trailer.
Lease to purchase is the most comon, tax effective way to finance a trailer purchase. It frees up cash flow and provides a CRA approved way to write off your trailer faster. We at 4C's Trailers Direct advise our clientelle to use a broker to find them the most economical solution to your needs. A broker will work for YOU. Other dealers work exclusively with one or two leasing companies who actually provide a kick back, or finder's fee to the dealer. We at 4'C's Trailers Direct find this practice completely unethical. A simple request for a complete breakdown of the costs of a lease will show you where these fees are hidden. Why pay an extra percent or two? It can add up to hundreds, even thousands of $'s out of your pocket and right back to your dealer. They are profiting on the trailer sale AND on the leasing deal. We know firsthand how these deals work, in fact we quit working with a few of these leasing companies years ago due to our disgust in these unethical practices.

Spec for Spec we know our products are superior, please feel free to stop in or call and we can show you how and where on every trailer in stock. We encourage our customers to shop around, bring your quotes in and we will meet or beat them! Talk is cheap – facts don't lie, that's why we are Load Trail's largest dealer for the ninth year in a row! We believe in competition, especially when we repair so many.